Back in Business

After a rough couple of weeks we are back in business.  The MLRC has a shiny new shelving system (say that 34 times fast) thanks to the incredibly talented crew in UBCO Facilities.  If you see a facilites employee working on something, take a second to thank them for helping us out because they really did.

Or acquisitions crew spent this week searching high and low for the right shelves and brackets to match the EME Lab wing.  Wouldn’t want our little MLRC to have millwork envy of the labs down the hall.  After scouring every hardware wholesaler in Kelowna the goldilocks shelf-support was found at Wesco.  Another day’s search turned up the maker of the shelves themselves to be Cranbrook Interior Woodwork (thankyou Stuart Olson Dominion for that lead).

Even though we’re still finding spots for everything the lab is considerably more useful than it was last week.   Hope to see you all there next week for…


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