Next Weeks Lectures

Hey everybody! Next week we have two great new lectures happening that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. You may have seen posters about the first one already! Canadian Circuits (check them out online if you haven’t heard of them) will be presenting a talk on printed circuit boards and how they’re designed and built. Not only will it be interesting, but informative as well. After that, Kyle Hill will be here to talk about a new field of engineering called tetryonics. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term (myself included), tetryonics is a new paradigm through which we can see quantum mechanics in a whole new way, to help us better understand it. The future of tetryonics is exciting, and I know you won’t want to miss out! (especially the aspiring electrical engineers). The dates, times, and locations are posted below, see you there!

-Canadian Circuits: Tuesday Oct. 15th, 5-7pm, EME 2141

-Tetryonics: Thursday Oct. 17th, 5-7pm, EME 2141

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