Arduino Programming Class

I am very excited to announce that we will be providing a weekly Arduino/C++ class!
An Arduino is a microcontroller development board commonly used for many DIY electronic projects. The wonder of it is the relative simplicity of creating projects in real C++ code, providing a great entry point to those wishing to learn C++ while providing hands-on interaction that your computer screen simply cannot. Many students have even found use for them in spicing up their first and third year-end projects. Now you can do the same!

Come learn C++ programming and breadboarding skills and you will find yourself lighting up LEDs, pressing buttons, running motors, and reading information from all types of sensors. This is a great way for anyone to learn about basic electronics and will give you the tools to do all sorts of projects such as making line-following robots for competition, aquaponics monotoring for your home hobbies, or even making simple games.

We are offering a great deal to those who are taking the class: Pay $20 and you get an Arduino Nano, a breadboard, and some components that will be used in the class (LEDS, resistors, etc).

The Arduino/C++ class will be held every Tuesday this semester starting October 28th, 6-7pm in EME 2111.

More details will be discussed in the first class, so we encourage you to come even if you are not quite sure about attending.

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