Executives and Committees


Position Name Contact
Chair Rebekah Wirch chair@ubcokanaganieee.org
Vice-Chair Brady Rogers vice-chair@ubcokanaganieee.org
Treasurer Jessa Marley treasurer@ubcokanaganieee.org
Secretary Dan Lang secretary@ubcokanaganieee.org
Counsellor (Non-Voting) Dr. Jonathan Holzman jonathan.holzman@ubc.ca

Committee Chairs

Committee Name Contact
Programs Committee Mitch Lange programs@ubcoieee.org
Publicity Committee Darby Lytle publicity@ubcoieee.org
Membership Committee Vacant
Social Committee Vacant
Student Competitions Committee Bob Cao competitions@ubcoieee.org

Activity Directors

Position Name Contact
Webmaster Yanjie Dong webmaster@ubcoieee.org
MLRC Director Alex Wieke mlrc@ubcoieee.org
MARS Director Naomi Fredeen and John Kump mars@ubcoieee.org