IEEE Canada Student Paper Competition

The UBC Okanagan IEEE Student Branch is hosting the regional competition for the IEEE Canada Student Paper Competition. This competition is open to all undergraduate students. A current IEEE student membership is required to submit a paper to this competition. Undergraduate students who are not IEEE student members may purchase a student membership prior to submitting their paper.



The purpose of the IEEE Student Paper Competition is to offer student members the opportunity to exercise and improve both written and verbal communication skills. As we move towards a global community, effective communication skills are becoming increasingly important. Whether you go into graduate studies, research and design engineering, sales, or management, you will be required to write reports and give presentations. Skills that you develop and use now will give you an edge when you enter the working world.

Papers entered should cover technical, engineering, management, or societal aspects of subjects reasonably within or related to areas with which the IEEE is concerned. The paper can be one written for a course project or work term report, and can be coauthored by up to 4 students. It is not necessary to write a special paper for the competition. However, it is expected that some work may be required to ensure that the paper meets the necessary guidelines.

The Competition is a two-tiered event. Papers are first submitted to your Student Branch Counsellor. The winning paper from the local competition (each school) is then entered into the Regional Competition. To encourage participation, IEEE Canada offers prizes for each Area in the Region (Western Area, Central Area, and Eastern Area):

Life Member Award: $500 for the best paper submitted from each Area, and
Hackbusch Award: $250 for the runner-up paper by University student(s), or
Palin Award: $250 for the runner-up paper by College student(s)

The winners from the Regional Competition may be invited to present their paper at an IEEE sponsored conference. Furthermore, winners may have their paper’s summary published by the IEEE on the IEEE Student Paper Contest Hall of Fame website.

More information:


Submission Instructions:

All submissions must be properly referenced, and in the event that a paper is invited for presentation at an IEEE conference or for publication in an IEEE publication, the material must be available for publication, i.e. it must be new intellectual property “owned” by the authors. To differentiate a paper from a previous published work, or another work you may wish to publish in the future, the submitted paper should have different figures and have no more than three (3) words in a row as in the other work.

Papers should be no long than 5 pages and should be formatted according to the IEEE paper format, available at:

Papers may be submitted in PDF format by e-mail to

Please provide all author names and IEEE member numbers in the e-mail.


Submission deadline is 5:00 PM PST on Friday April 13, 2012.


Any question about the competition can be addressed to