The IEEE Canadian Foundation (ICF) has generously provided a grant to our IEEE Branch to open a  learning centre in the name of General A. McNaughton. The grant has been used to purchase electrical equipment, supplies and simulation software for use by students in our educational pursuits and technical interests. The School of Engineering has matched the grant funds and supported this initiative by providing space for the centre, which is open to all UBC students. Sphere Research and Dr. Jonathan Holzman have also generously contributed equipment for the centre.

The MLRC is now open in EME 2245 to facilitate your design projects as well as allow you to tinker and learn about technical topics that strike your curiosity. We have arranged for volunteer lab monitors to be present in the room so students can have access throughout the day. If you are interested in becoming a lab monitor yourself, contact

You can also find academic support in the room, tools and test equipment, and you can even buy the occasional item from the IEEE Store. IEEE members get the added benefit of free printing which is supplied by ICF.